Shri Sai Baba Memorial Cancer Centre

Shri Sai Baba Memorial Cancer Centre

Free cancer care in India is possible: Now we’re bringing free cancer care to Maharashtra, India's largest state.

Each year, Shri Sai Baba Memorial Cancer Centre, Maharashtra, India records an increase in patient activity in all clinical areas. Creation of additional physical space at Shri Sai Baba Memorial Cancer Centre, Maharashtra, has become imperative to meet our ever-increasing workloads. As a part of this endeavour, planning is currently underway for the construction of a new Clinical Tower at Shri Sai Baba Memorial Cancer Centre, Maharashtra, India. This expansion will greatly enhance the Hospital’s capacity to accept and to treat more cancer patients as well as provide greater opportunities for research, training and education of healthcare professionals. The new Clinical Tower will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and will be built according to the latest international healthcare standards. Construction work on the new Clinical Tower, which will greatly augment all our existing clinical and support services, is expected to begin soon and should be completed in four years.

Project Dedication Menu for New Clinical Tower

This new project presents an excellent opportunity for supporters of Shri Sai Baba Memorial Cancer Centre, to dedicate rooms in honour or memory of a loved one. but we need your help. Every brick you donate now is another ray of hope for every poor person diagnosed with cancer. Each brick can earn blessings and rewards for you for the rest of your life and your hereafter.

Room/Area Department Floor Units Available Sponsorship/Dedication
Price Per Room/Area
(in INR)
Main LabPathologySeventh1 120,000,000
Reception & Waiting AreaChemotherapy BaySecond1 60,000,000
Reception & Waiting AreaBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 60,000,000
Reception & Waiting AreaEmergency AssessmentGround1 35,000,000
MRI Scan RoomRadiologyGround1 35,000,000
Reception & Waiting AreaNuclear MedicineGround1 35,000,000
Gamma Camera RoomNuclear MedicineGround4 35,000,000
Reception & Waiting AreaSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 35,000,000
Operation Theater RoomSurgical OncologyFirst2 35,000,000
Reception & Waiting AreaInpatient unitFourth1 35,000,000
Reception & Waiting AreaInpatient unitFifth1 35,000,000
Microbiology LabPathologyEighth1 30,000,000
Virology LabPathologyEighth1 30,000,000
Signout RoomPathologyEighth1 30,000,000
Grossing RoomPathologyEighth130,000,000
Bone Marrow Transplant RoomBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third5 30,000,000
Ultrasound RoomRadiologyGround5 25,000,000
Reception & Waiting AreaRadiologyGround1 25,000,000
Tuberculosis LabPathologyEighth115,000,000
Self Containing Equipment Molecular LabPathologySeventh115,000,000
Fluoroscopy RoomRadiologyGround115,000,000
Mammography RoomRadiologyGround415,000,000
Doctor's LoungeSurgical OncologyFirst115,000,000
Chemotherapy Isolation RoomChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second215,000,000
Chemotherapy Isolation RoomChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second115,000,000
Endoscopy RoomEndoscopyThird615,000,000
Inpatient RoomInpatient unitFourth2115,000,000
Inpatient RoomInpatient unitFifth1415,000,000
Inpatient Isolation RoomInpatient unitFourth215,000,000
Inpatient Isolation RoomInpatient unitFifth215,000,000
Cross Match AreaBlood BankSeventh115,000,000
Preparation BedSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First715,000,000
Nurse Work AreaSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First115,000,000
Immunohistochemistry LabPathologyEighth115,000,000
Nurse Work AreaChemotherapy BaySecond115,000,000
Flow Cytometry LabPathologySeventh1 10,000,000
Tissue Storage RoomPathologyEighth1 10,000,000
Cytology LabPathologyEighth1 10,000,000
Reception & Waiting AreaBlood BankSeventh1 10,000,000
Isolation RoomEmergency AssessmentGround2 10,000,000
Minor Procedure RoomEmergency AssessmentGround1 10,000,000
Satellite PharmacyEmergency AssessmentGround1 10,000,000
Examination RoomRadiologyGround2 10,000,000
Consultant RoomRadiologyGround1 10,000,000
Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT) RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 10,000,000
Isolation RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 10,000,000
Consultant RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 10,000,000
Consultant RoomSurgical OncologyFirst2 10,000,000
Central Nursing StationSurgical OncologyFirst1 10,000,000
Recovery BedSurgical Oncology (Recovery)First12 10,000,000
Satellite PharmacyChemotherapy BaySecond1 10,000,000
Examination RoomChemotherapy BaySecond7 10,000,000
Consultant RoomBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 10,000,000
Isolation Recovery RoomEndoscopyThird1 10,000,000
Procedure RoomInpatient unitFourth1 10,000,000
Procedure RoomInpatient unitFifth1 10,000,000
Consultant RoomInpatient unitFourth1 10,000,000
Equipment Storage RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First110,000,000
Consultant RoomInpatient unitFifth1 10,000,000
Accessioning LabPathologyEighth1 8,000,000
Blood Storage RoomBlood BankSeventh1 8,000,000
Emergency Assessment BedEmergency AssessmentGround22 8,000,000
Viewing RoomRadiologyGround1 8,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 8,000,000
PET Viewing RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 8,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 8,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomSurgical Oncology (Recovery)First1 8,000,000
Chemotherapy BedChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second19 8,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second4 8,000,000
Chemotherapy BedChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second22 8,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second1 8,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomChemotherapy BaySecond1 8,000,000
Patient LoungeBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 8,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 8,000,000
Preparation Area (Bed)EndoscopyThird6 8,000,000
Recovery BedEndoscopyThird11 8,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomEndoscopyThird1 8,000,000
Nursing StationInpatient unitFourth3 8,000,000
Nursing StationInpatient unitFifth3 8,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomInpatient unitFourth2 8,000,000
Histology Archive RoomPathologyEighth18,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomInpatient unitFifth2 8,000,000
Hot LabNuclear MedicineGround2 7,000,000
Injection RoomNuclear MedicineGround2 7,000,000
Manager RoomPathologySeventh2 7,000,000
Nursing StationEmergency AssessmentGround2 7,000,000
Nurse Manager RoomEmergency AssessmentGround1 7,000,000
Post Procedure RoomNuclear MedicineGround2 7,000,000
Nursing StationNuclear MedicineGround1 7,000,000
Manager RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 7,000,000
Nurse Manager RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First2 7,000,000
Storage RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 7,000,000
Anesthesia Work AreaSurgical OncologyFirst1 7,000,000
Nurse Manager RoomSurgical Oncology (Recovery)First1 7,000,000
Nursing StationChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second3 7,000,000
Nursing StationChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second2 7,000,000
Nurse Manager RoomChemotherapy BaySecond1 7,000,000
Call Room's LoungeFacility ManagementSixth1 7,000,000
Nursing StationBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 7,000,000
Nurse Manager RoomBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 7,000,000
Nursing StationEndoscopyThird1 7,000,000
Nurse Manager RoomInpatient unitFourth2 7,000,000
Nurse Manager RoomInpatient unitFifth2 7,000,000
Media Preparation RoomPathologyEighth1 6,000,000
Blood Bank BedBlood BankSeventh8 6,000,000
Main Lab Support RoomPathologySeventh1 6,000,000
Record RoomPathologySeventh1 6,000,000
Main Lab Utility RoomPathologySeventh1 6,000,000
Lab Support RoomPathologyEighth2 6,000,000
Histology Lab Support RoomPathologyEighth1 6,000,000
Post Polymerase Chain Reaction LabPathologySeventh1 6,000,000
Transcription RoomPathologyEighth1 6,000,000
Portable X-ray RoomRadiologyGround1 6,000,000
Preparation AreaNuclear MedicineGround1 6,000,000
Cytogenetics LabPathologySeventh1 6,000,000
History RoomNuclear MedicineGround2 6,000,000
PET History RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 6,000,000
PET CT Preparation AreaNuclear MedicineGround3 6,000,000
Post PET CT Procedure RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 6,000,000
Sub Waiting AreaNuclear MedicineGround1 6,000,000
Therapy RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 6,000,000
PET MRI Preparation AreaNuclear MedicineGround2 6,000,000
PET MRI History RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 6,000,000
Induction AreaSurgical OncologyFirst4 6,000,000
Sub Waiting AreaChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second1 6,000,000
Sub Waiting AreaChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second2 6,000,000
Nurse Work AreaEndoscopyThird1 6,000,000
Discharge LoungeInpatient unitFourth1 6,000,000
Discharge LoungeInpatient unitFifth1 6,000,000
PET Equipment RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 4,000,000
PET MRI Equipment RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 4,000,000
Anesthesia Storage RoomSurgical OncologyFirst1 4,000,000
Consultant RoomPathologyEighth103,000,000
Cold RoomPathologySeventh13,000,000
Flammable Storage RoomPathologyEighth13,000,000
Nutrition AreaEmergency AssessmentGround23,000,000
Printing RoomRadiologyGround13,000,000
Nutrition AreaSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First13,000,000
Storage RoomSurgical Oncology (Recovery)First13,000,000
Nutrition AreaChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second33,000,000
Nutrition AreaChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second13,000,000
Immunohistochemistry Store RoomPathologyEighth1 2,000,000
Cytology Store RoomPathologyEighth1 2,000,000
Flow Cytometry Store RoomPathologySeventh1 2,000,000
Storage RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 2,000,000
Support RoomAdministrationSixth1 2,000,000
Storage RoomBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 2,000,000
Scope Store RoomEndoscopyThird1 2,000,000
Scope Wash AreaEndoscopyThird1 2,000,000
Call RoomFacility ManagementSixth101,500,000
Founding DonorNew Clinical Tower3,288750,000

Equipment Catalogue – Maharashtra Project

The table below provides information about the equipment that we need to procure to be able to provide cancer care to our patients in line with international standards.

It is truly your donations that equip us to fight cancer.

Description Department/Section Qty Unit Price (in INR)
Automatic Dispensing Unit (Robotic Arm)Nuclear Medicine 1 24,600,000
Luminex DSPathology1 17,472,000
Fluoroscopy (C Arm Machine)Surgical Oncology1 13,680,000
Washer DisinfectorCSSD1 11,880,000
Rapid ARC LiscenceClinical & Radiation Oncology1 11,520,000
Component Centrifuge MachinePathology1 8,064,000
CryostatPathology1 6,720,000
MRI FLEX coilRadiology1 6,624,000
Millipore SystemPathology1 5,600,000
MRI Vida 3T ChillerRadiology1 5,040,000
Individual Instruments (For GI Sets)Surgical Oncology1 4,920,000
THUNDERBEATSurgical Oncology1 4,608,000
Nerve Integrity MonitorSurgical Oncology1 4,032,000
Flexible UretroscopeSurgical Oncology1 3,608,000
Maxillofacial Surgery Virtual Planning SystemSurgical Oncology1 3,600,000
Navigation Software for MedtronicSurgical Oncology1 3,600,000
Mammography GE WorkstationRadiology1 3,600,000
Freezer (-90C)Pathology1 3,280,000
Respiratory Motion PhantomMedical Physics1 2,868,500
Sterile Tube ConnectorPathology1 2,688,000
Flexible CyctoscopeSurgical Oncology1 2,624,000
Cardiac MonitorNursing Inpatient II A2 2,592,000
Universal Multi-Channel CylinderClinical & Radiation Oncology1 2,479,700
UltracentrifugePathology1 2,460,000
UltracentrifugePathology1 2,460,000
Gynecological Surgery InstrumentsSurgical Oncology1 2,460,000
Instruments for Thoracic Surgery SetsSurgical Oncology1 2,460,000
Individual Instruments (For Breast Surgery)Surgical Oncology1 2,460,000
UreteroscopeSurgical Oncology1 2,460,000
Freezer (-40C)Pathology1 2,296,000
Valley Lab Diathermy MachineSurgical Oncology1 2,160,000
Microvascular SetSurgical Oncology1 2,160,000
Megaprosthesis - Extraction system (Hip)Surgical Oncology1 2,160,000
Megaprosthesis - Extraction system (Knee)Surgical Oncology1 2,160,000
Individual Instruments (For ENT Surgery)Surgical Oncology1 2,160,000
Microscope (Single Head)Pathology1 2,016,000
Oral SetsSurgical Oncology2 1,968,000
Osteotomy Set                                       Surgical Oncology1 1,968,000
Refrigerator (2-8C)Pathology1 1,804,000
CUSA Handpiece (For Spinal Surgeries)Surgical Oncology1 1,728,000
Centrifuge Machine (Fixed Angle Rotator)Pathology1 1,640,000
Ventilated Biopsy Storage CabinetPathology2 1,612,800
Orthopedic Surgery Drill SystemSurgical Oncology1 1,600,000
Patient Simulator & TesterBio Medical Engineering1 1,584,000
Vacuum Dressing PackSurgical Oncology1 1,520,000
Defibrillator Analyzer & TesterBio Medical Engineering1 1,440,000
Neuro & Spine surgery instrumentsSurgical Oncology1 1,244,100
Stryker HoodsSurgical Oncology1 1,200,000
Vivid E95 MachineInternal Medicine1 1,152,000
Parotid Set                                               Surgical Oncology1 1,016,800
Survey Meter (PET/CT)Nuclear Medicine1 936,000
Side Arm ScreenSurgical Oncology1 918,400
Biological Safety HoodPathology1 902,000
Portable Air Particle CounterNuclear Medicine1 864,000
Biological Safety CabinetPharmacy2 864,000
NIBP SimulatorBio Medical Engineering1 864,000
3D Interstitial Ring ApplicatorClinical & Radiation Oncology1 832,000
Prismacomfort Blood WarmerInternal Medicine1 800,000
Tissue Micro ArrayPathology1 800,000
Orthopedic Surgery InstrumentsSurgical Oncology1 800,000
Suction Machine Electric MedellaNursing OR1 800,000
Instruments for Head & NeckSurgical Oncology1 725,200
ICU BedsNursing ICU3 720,000
Amalgam SeparatorNursing OPD1 704,000
Electric Drill (For Cranial and Spinal)Surgical Oncology1 676,000
Tablet CounterPharmacy1 640,000
DefibillatorNursing OPD1 640,000
Stone PunchSurgical Oncology1 590,400
TURP SetSurgical Oncology2 574,000
Urethrotome SetSurgical Oncology1 574,000
ELISA Reader (Bio-Rad)Pathology1 560,000
U Frame Base PlateClinical & Radiation Oncology3 504,000
S - Frame Base PlateClinical & Radiation Oncology3 504,000
Flowtron PumpAnesthesia1 504,000
CO2 AnalyzerBio Medical Engineering1 504,000
Infusion PumpNursing Inpatient II A10 504,000
BedsNursing Inpatient III9 504,000
Tungsten Containers (CF-18)Nuclear Medicine6 492,000
Over Head Light CameraSurgical Oncology1 492,000
Minor Instrument SetSurgical Oncology6 492,000
IncubatorCSSD1 480,000
CouchesNursing OPD2 432,000
Infusion PumpsNursing Inpatient I4 432,000
Kerrison RounguersSurgical Oncology2 410,000
Handpiece with Cable for PiezomedSurgical Oncology1 405,600
Bair Hugger Blanket WarmerAnesthesia1 400,000
Hot line Fluid warmerAnesthesia1 400,000
DehumidifierNuclear Medicine1 400,000
Harmonic CableSurgical Oncology2 360,800
Digital NIBPNursing Inpatient I1 360,000
Digital NIBPNursing Inpatient III1 360,000
Surgical Saw Hand Piece (Oscillating Model)Surgical Oncology1 324,000
Surgical Saw Hand Piece (Sagittal Model)Surgical Oncology1 304,000
Surgery Loupes with LightSurgical Oncology1 288,000
Surgical Saw Hand Piece (Reciprocating Model)Surgical Oncology1 280,000
Motor with Cable for ElcomedSurgical Oncology1 260,000
Motor with Cable for ImplantmedSurgical Oncology1 260,000
Network CameraNuclear Medicine1 240,000
Cordless Complete Drill SystemSurgical Oncology1 240,000
SS BenchPathology4 224,000
Digital Weigh ChairNursing OPD1 220,000
Diamond Flex Liver RetractorSurgical Oncology1 216,000
PET Syringe shieldNuclear Medicine1 200,000
Storage TankBasic Sciences1 200,000
Hook with Ball Tip (For Spinal)Surgical Oncology1 196,800
Universal Cervix ProbesClinical & Radiation Oncology4 172,800
Source Guide TubeClinical & Radiation Oncology1 158,400
Arm ShuttleClinical & Radiation Oncology2 158,400
Surgical Hand PieceSurgical Oncology2 150,800
Oxygen MonitorBio Medical Engineering1 144,000
HIS SystemsClinical & Radiation Oncology4 136,800
Tissue RuptorBasic Sciences1 136,000
Grasper Rigid Forcep Upper SideSurgical Oncology2 131,200
Ureteroscope Biopsy ForcepSurgical Oncology2 131,200
TDS multimeter  Nuclear Medicine1 120,000
Vial mixerPathology1 120,000
WingboardClinical & Radiation Oncology2 115,200
Gold Finger RetractorSurgical Oncology1 100,800
Medication Refrigerator Single DoorPharmacy1 100,000
Eight Channel Pipette (1 mL)Pathology2 88,000
Patient Pat SlideRadiology2 86,400
Voice Recognition DeviceNuclear Medicine1 80,000
Sensaphone Sentinel Monitoring SystemBasic Sciences1 80,000
Machine Vision CameraPharmacy2 80,000
Trolley for Liquid Nitrogen CylinderNursing OR1 80,000
TransilluminatorNursing OPD1 78,400
Smartlungs Lung SimulatorBio Medical Engineering1 72,000
Pulse OximeterNursing Inpatient II B1 68,000
Visual Inspection CounterPharmacy1 64,000
Head Handpieces (For Dental Unit)Nursing OPD4 64,000
Battery TesterBio Medical Engineering1 57,600
Utility CartMedical Physics1 56,000
Pipette (100 ul)Pathology1 56,000
Foot Controller (for dictation system)Pathology2 56,000
Pipette (1000UL)Pathology1 56,000
Pipette Set (20-1000 UL)Pathology1 56,000
Pipette (100 uL)Pathology2 56,000
Pipette (5 mL)Pathology1 56,000
Laparoscopic Metal Ports (6 mm diameter)Surgical Oncology4 52,000
Evicel Fibrin SealentSurgical Oncology10 50,400
Eye Wash FaucetsPathology14 48,000
Laparoscopic Metal Ports (3.5 mm diameter)Surgical Oncology4 48,000
Needle DrivePeads Oncology1 48,000
Phlebotomy Practicing KitPathology2 47,000
HygrometerBio Medical Engineering1 36,000
Paediatric Intestinal Clamps CrushingSurgical Oncology4 32,800
Paediatric Intestinal Clamps Non-CrushingSurgical Oncology4 32,800
Fat Grafting CannulasSurgical Oncology2 28,800
Digital ETDRSNursing OPD1 16,000
Battery (12V)Nursing OR36 14,800
Breast MeshesSurgical Oncology100 14,400
Gut holding forceps (6 Inches)Surgical Oncology4 12,300
Gut holding forceps (10 Inches)Surgical Oncology4 12,300
Lead collarRadiology3 12,000
Bed MatressNursing Inpatient II A5 12,000
Data LoggersClinical & Radiation Oncology15 5,200
Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM)Surgical Oncology97 5,000

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In honor of your ancestors, make a sacred offering of food, which will provide sustenance for worshippers in the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust.

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