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Family Blessing Plan

Family Blessing Plan
  • Nuclear family
  • Same sex family
  • Single parent family
  • Step family
  • Extended family
  • Grandparent family

The Family Blessing is a biblical way to unleash the power of faith in the lives of those you love most. This special edition guides you through the tradition of giving your kids a daily word of encouragement.

It is His desire that each family should multiply, take dominion over everything, and live in peace and harmony. But today, we see many families falling apart because of crises in their family lives. The Shri Sai Baba Prayer Operations Centre Family Blessing Plan caters to thousands of families who are going through such difficult times

You can extend your support to these families who seek the Sai Baba's prayers by joining in partnership through the Family Blessing Plan. You and your family members will be remembered in prayer for God’s blessings to come upon you and your family.

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