Wonderful Incarnation

There are many so-called Gurus, (imposters) who go about from house to house with cymbals and veena in their hands, and make a show of their spirituality. They blow mantras into the ears of their disciples and extract money from them. They profess to teach piety and religion to their disciples, but are themselves impious and irreligious. Sai Baba never thought of making the least show of his worth (piety). Body-consciousness, he had none, but he had great love for the disciples. There are two kinds of Gurus: 'Niyat' (appointed or fixed) and 'Aniyat' (unappointed or general).

The latter by their advice develop the good qualities in us, purify our hearts and set us on the path of salvation; but contact with the former, dispels our duality (sense of difference); and establishes us in Unity by making us realize 'Thou art that' there are various Gurus imparting various kinds of wordy knowledge, but he, who fixes us in our Nature (Self) and carries us beyond the ocean of wordy existence, is the Satguru. Sai Baba was such a Satguru. He always said, 'Words create delusion (MAYA BRAHMA) But Company of Sat Guru (SATSANG) imparts knowledge by removing ignorance. His greatness is undescribable. If anybody went to take His darshana, he, without being asked, would give every detail of his past, present and future life. He saw Divinity in all beings. Friends and foes, the virtuous and the vicious were alike to Him. Disinterested and equal-balanced, He obliged also the evildoers. He was the same in prosperity and adversity. No doubt, ever touched Him. Though He possessed the human body, He was not in the least attached to his body or house. Though he looked embodied, he was really disembodied, i.e., free in this every life (MUKTITAMA).