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Shri Sai Satyavrata Puja

Shri Sai Satyanarayan Puja

January 17-01-2022 Monday
February 16-02-2022 Wednesday
March 18-03-2022 Friday
April 16-04-2022 Saturday
May 15-05-2022 Sunday
June 13-06-2022 Monday
July 12-07-2022 Tuesday
August 12-08-2022 Friday
September 09-09-2022 Friday
October 09-10-2022 Sunday
November 07-11-2022 Monday
December 07-12-2022 Wednesday

Puja Material Offerings

Worshippers and shirdi sai baba devotees have an opportunity to make special online offerings and express their devotion to Shri Sai Baba on the auspicious occasion of Daily abhishekam. These offerings will be offered to Shri Sai baba at Temple.